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Electricity by nature flows in an unstable manner. Over time this would have corrosive effect on all the loads and circuits as they are caused by irregular movements of electrons which generate HEAT and Vibrations. It has been reported that electrons tend to move away from the nucleus & such a trend causes “excessive collision” of electrons resulting in ENERGY LOSSES (Power Loss). Through research, synthetic infra rays could be used to mitigate excessive vibrations of electrons by relieving the friction. This technology is known as the “BALANCED WAVE TECHNOLOGY” – Negative ion The easiest solution is to put silent energy on the cable by attaching SCALAR ENERGY STICKER with noise reducing technology (neg. ion) to soften the electric current. This process reduces the consumption (10-30%) of electricity with improved efficiency on the electrical appliances.

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Surich Livelihood Entrepreneurs was established on January 30, 2014 as a marketing entity, as a word of mouth advertising, and as a direct selling-manufacturing company. Surich was also formed and organized through the vision of Professional Network Builders and Businessmen, headed by Elmerindo T. Usad. Hence, they are collectively known to be the Pillars, Founders and Board of Directors of the Company. 

Surich is known for its cunning reputation. It's a Multi-awarded Company that seeks innovation in iradicating poverty and render financial success to people who are in need.

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  1. Customer Service Excellence 2017
  2. Global Excellence Award 2017
  3. People's Choice Award 2017
  4. Three Elite Company Awards 2017
  5. World Class Philippine Company Award 2017
  6. Best Choice Award 2017
  7. Global Awards for Marketing and Business Excellence 2017
  9. Philippine Top Choice Awards for Excellence 2018

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